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LP3470M5-3.08Tiny Power On Reset Circuit
LM2597N-5.0SIMPLE SWITCHER Power Converter 150 kHz 0.5A Step-Down Voltage Regulator
LM8272MMXRRIO, High Output Current & Unlimited Cap Load Op Amp in Miniature Package
COP8CCR9HLQ88-Bit CMOS Flash Microcontroller with 32k Memory, Virtual EEPROM, 10-Bit A/D and 4.17V to 4.5V Brownout
LM2590HVS-3.3SIMPLE SWITCHER Power Converter 150 KHz 1A Step-Down Voltage Regulator with Features
DS3695ATMXMultipoint RS485/RS422 Transceivers
LP2987IMM-5.0Micropower, 200 mA Ultra Low-Dropout Voltage Regulator with Programmable Power-On Reset Delay
TDC1058B6C8-bit 20 MSPS flash A/D converter.
LMC6462AINDual Micropower, Rail-to-Rail Input and Output CMOS Operational Amplifier
LP3962EMPX-5.01.5A Fast Ultra Low Dropout Linear Regulator
MM54C02J/883Quad 2-Input NOR Gate
LP3963ESX-1.83A Fast Ultra Low Dropout Linear Regulator
LP2951CMWCSeries of Adjustable Micropower Voltage Regulators
LM319AMXHigh Speed Dual Comparator
CLC416AJE-TRDual, Low Cost, Low Power, 120 MHz Op Amp
CLC446AJE400 MHz, 50mW Current-Feedback Op Amp
LM35AHPrecision Centigrade Temperature Sensor
LP2982AIM5X-5.0Micropower 50 mA Ultra Low-Dropout Regulator
MM78C30J/883Dual Differential Line Driver
CLC5644INLow Power, Low Cost Quad Op Amp
LM4050CIM3X-4.1Precision Micropower Shunt Voltage Reference
5962-9950601QLA10-Bit Low Power Bus Exchange Switch
G1-266P-85-1.8Geode Processor Series Low Power Integrated x86 Solution [Preliminary]
LM1086IT-2.851.5A Low Dropout Positive Regulators
PCM16C00VNGConfigurable Multiple Function PCMCIA Interface Chip [Life-time buy]
LP3966ET-5.03A Fast Ultra Low Dropout Linear Regulator
54F545DMQBOctal Bidirectional Transceiver with TRI-STATE Inputs/Outputs
LM2733YMFX0.6/1.6 MHz Boost Converters With 40V Internal FET Switch in SOT-23
MM54C374J/883TRI-STATE Octal D-Type Flip-Flops
LM1865MXAdvanced FM IF System

Q2N2222 M2A M302 M810LR M825 M863G M925 PC817 PIC16F628 PIC16F84 PIC16F877 R10 R20 R2500 R7000 T22A T2H TDA2003 TEA1002 TL084 TL494 TSOP1738 ULN2003 ULN2803 V68 V8000 V82 VT8251 MEGA128 NE555 7805 78L05 LM324 LM311 LM317 LM339 LM358 LM386 LM741 MAX232

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